Natural Health Affiliate Program

If you are in affiliate business then Natural Health Affiliate Program would definitely interest you, because this is two tier network give high commission for each affiliate sale made.

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Company: Native Remedies is a market leading company giving homeopathic and herbal remedies. Products are safe giving effective complete solutions for you and the entire family producing top quality remedies for adult and children having huge satisfied client base.

Quality of the products is measured by number of positive feedback giving by clients for the products. Native remedies are proven for their high quality.

 Natural Health Affiliate Program – Benefits

Natural Health Affiliate Program is very attractive one with the following benefits

  • Two Tier Program: Earn 5% more on the products sold the affiliates referred by you to the site
  • Will get 25% on every direct sale
  • Life Time Cookies meaning the you get a lifetime commission  for each sale made.
  • Get full credit for Phone Sales – so whether your customer buys online or calls, you will get your full commission!
  • Commissions from two product  lines
  • Join a winning team, with excellent conversion rates (over 6% for most affiliates), a high EPC ($75+ per 100 clicks), and an impressive reorder rate from our satisfied customers!
  • Native Remedies is known to have one of the best re-order rate in the natural health industry, easy sell with Excellent Re-Order rate.

 Why should you get Natural Health Affiliate Program?

  • Wide Product range for Adults, Children and Pets
  • Reliable commission and reliable sales tracking methods
  • Great Affiliate reviews
  • Payments are made on time (PayPal, check, etc)
  • Support from forums to help affiliate with any questions.
  • Excellent marketing materials like banners, text link, discount code, etc etc to make affiliate life easy.


 ==> Join Natural Health Affiliate Program <==